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2016 Artists from A-Z


Abigail Collins | Vive L'Amour

A love story: expect with death-defying stunts of stupidity, madcap comedy, magic, mayhem anda ridiculous French accent.  (street)theatre

Ale Risorio| La Kermesse

ErnestoR, a fan of games and fairs, travels with his kermesse trolley. The wheel spins and the game begins. Impossible missions to perform and the surprise that each number will be unique, to an audience that will also be part of the madness of this character. A kermesse in which everyone takes a prize.  (street)theatre

Alien Voyagers Steltentheater| Dinky Dino’s

It appears prehistoric life has returned! The green Triceratops and the blue bipedal Parasaurolophus. Dinky Dino’s is grand, interactive entertainment for young and old. stilts theatre

Arno Huibers Theaterproducties | Clown Gift

On stage is a big box, it looks like a gift. A portly bald gentleman with a red tuft of hair, plays music. And there is also a clown, not just one: but a funny one! family theatre

Ben Zuddhist | Ben Smith the English Magician

Ben Smith is a natural clown who is also the greatest magician ever to come out of.... his mother. Hilarious interactive magic using coins, ropes, rings and anything else Ben can get his hands on!  (street)theatre

Chonk | De Typemachine

The interactive installations of Chonk will take you to various different worlds. They stimulate imagination and creativity. The Typewriters invite visitors to type on 1970/1980 songs. Rotaded on a turntable. family theatre

Circus Theater Vladimir | Little Prins

The Little Prince has his home on a moving asteroid, which is where he lives. With the rose, the occasional working volcano and tranquil music. The animation appeals to silence, wonder, devotion, friendship, affairs of the heart. (street)theatre – animation

Cirque Frappé | Magica Unplugged

Two traveling clowns find themselves in the circus, they are confronted with an audience waiting for a circus show. But there are no artists! That’s where the Magic begins. (street)theatre

Coco XL | Coco XL

music – animation

Compagnie with Balls | Join the Parade

A joyful dance trough the streets by two 4 meter high figures. A giant marionette dances and plays with a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant ball! ! A musical Parade. (street)theatre – animation

Directie & Co | Road Workers

The road workers arrive at a potential spot with a container full of stuff. Nothing to be alarmed about, except for the fact that they look strikingly similar. They build a barricade, block the road and start to work. Stunning masks make it into a very visual performance. pop up (street)theatre

Doublee| Klara 3, Bertus 5 & Miloe the Cow

This typical Dutch trio puts a smile on everyone's face, memorable, colorful and touching as they are! But also educative... look and taste for yourself, it is a real experience! (street)theatre – animation

Fiësta Grill Brabant | Fiësta Grill Brabant

For the culinary interpretation st-ART festival has chosen this year for Fiësta Grill Brabant. In large Paella pans delicious burgers, kebabs and ham are prepared and  especially for the children “poffertjes” and  spiral potatoes. foodtruck

Frank Schooleman | Quasimodo

The loud ringing of the Notre-Dame bells has made him deaf. Although he looks terrifying at first sight, he’s actually a touching figure with his heart in the right place. (street)theatre – animation

Frans Custers | Marthilda Sliert

The weird Marthilda is a fortune teller. Usually the craziest things happen and hilarity prevails. It is mainly an absurd spectacle when the whole tent starts to shake and smoke. (street)theatre

Geesparade | The Geesparade

With roll of drums, whistling and cackeling they march through your town: The Geeseparade. This unique, stunning and fairy-like combination of men, music and Toulouser Geese delight young and old! (street)theatre – animation  

Hatsjiekeflats | Het Paintball Studio

At the paintball studio Hatsjiekeflats it is always a sensation to create art!!!  Not with a pallet and brush, but with paintball guns! A house, a ball, a plane or perhaps something more seasonal? It doesn’t matter what you choose. family theatre

Hendrik & Co| Coffee on wheels!

Nobody knows where they come from, this crazy babbling coffee drinking fools, manage to make a cup of coffee with their self-built machine in 25 minutes... (street)theatre – animation

Het Mobiele Naaiatelier | The Sound of Sewing

Two handy ladies with two beautiful classical Dutch bikes and two antique sewing machines do invite the audience to hand in a piece of clothing and transform this into a piece of art right before their eyes! (street)theatre

Image Entertainment | Seahorses

Seahorses are precious marine life. No animal in the sea has the grace, beauty and fine movements of the hippocampus. Grab your chance to be face to face with a real wild sea horse. stilts theatre

Kabora Theater & Zang| Be Sweet…

This lovely lady in red hands out special notes with sweet words of love for everyone. Her songs are about love. The self supportive installation and wishing tree makes a journey through the audience to spread the love. (street)theatre – animation

Krist Doo Straattheater | Cranky Bastard

Living statue in cold stone. He is never happy, always grumpy. Easily irritated or annoyed, he stands alone. Bitter and twisted, he is never satisfied. Not many love him, but his nasty character is really entertaining. living statue

Krist Doo Straattheater | Wild Boar

The time-traveling cavemen… Urki and Baraka are two prehistoric cavemen. They searched for the end of the world, but got lost deep in the Black Forest, where they found a huge Wild Boar. An amazing adventure full of hilarious situations! (street)theatre - animation

Luc Vaesen | The Peddler

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe. Peddlers, Street Vendors. Recommending their "goods" - not of the highest standard - with fanciful stories in villages and towns. The Peddler knows how to seduce his audience: With humour, drama and music of all times. Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system. music - animation

Malabarista| Frans den Toer

A cyclist juggler? A juggling cyclist? This joker is capable to entertain the audience with bottles, balls en some diabolos on his high unicycle. He does this with a lot of interaction with the public. (street)theatre - animation

Manoesso| Pizza Mama Marina

In restaurant Mama Marina is everybody welcome. We have a gigantic list of pizza and wine. The one and only real Italian pizza is made in a wood oven. In reality there 's only one sort of pizza we serve. But the butler brings the pizza on the way you ordered it: pizza deprimo, pizza d'amore, pizza hesitate,... There's also just one wine in the house of the total list of the Italian wines. The warm welcome is given by our  Italian guys of Belgium Limburg. It's a act that runs for a few hours in a unique mobile restaurant. (street)theatre

Martine Dufresne | Funny Hats

Create your own Funny Hat with wrapping paper. Ongoing workshop for anyone wanting something different to wear on his or her head. (street)theatre

Martin Forget | Padre Martinez

He wants to bring people in close contact with heaven, but takes that mission sometimes too literally… In his enthusiasm, he can rise to great heights. living statue

Martin Forget | Space-Ci-Men

Space- Ci-Men is a group of five robots. They walk around to get to know human life. They are curious, they are behind you, stand beside you and look at you like you're looking at them. (street)theatre - animation

MaTTo straattheater | BITE!

Two roguish fishermen take you into their world of fishing. Sitting on top of the scaffolding, they are waiting for that one big catch... And suddenly BITE! Is it a fish? Or perhaps a passer-by? (street)theatre

Merkel & Vannix | Pêt-à-Porter

Max the Horned ape feels at home in any environment. This unique animal travels from zoo to zoo with his loyal porter Porter. A mobile puppetry streetact with one performer and one puppet(eer). (street)theatre - animation

Perky & Fiddle | The Perky & Fiddle Show

Two garden gnomes, who run off into the wide world to defy the stereotype of garden gnomes forever! (street)theatre

Ruut van Hooft | De Boxer met clown Baff

family theatre

Shalton Theatre| Super Hero Comic Parade

You know they are the real superheroes, the modern heroes of yore? Batman had no problem at all with a flight demonstration for a small group of fans, while Robin was on the lookout. And Clark Kent alias Superman never missed a day appearing on the front page of the Daily Mirror. …they now come to you. Walking high on stilts they will reintroduce themselves and take you along in the exciting world of weightlessness, real villains, thrilling action and the taste of real heroism.                                             stilts theatre

Sol’Air Company | The Sassy Jassy Sisters

Swinging in the Air - Aerial Duett with Silks. The first aerial artists of the 19th century have been huge ensembles of up to 100 dancers, hanging next to each other on ropes and dancing graceful choreographies in the air. We seize this almost forgotten tradition, thus creating synchronized aerial art on silks. We create a contemporary retro and nostalgic style! Dancing with Swing music of the wonderful 20s!                               acrobatiek - variété

SteamDream | SteamDream

Two pioneers from the Victorian period ended up in the present with their anachronistic vehicle. They are on their way to the Burning Gates Of Anubis. The fire will regularly reach the sky, hoping to make the Gates visible. fire theatre - animation

Stephworkx | Duo Douce

This headless set is a real hoot. A hilarious slapstick animation with a lot of improvisation and interaction. They need to have a little help from the public. Once they have had help, they feel complete again... well almost. (street)theatre - animation

Steven Luca | François Blanc

François Blanc is an eccentric puppet inspired by French boulevard painters. He speaks in a non-existing french dialect. He touches and excites, he is both sweet and wicked, he is a white jewel. (street)theatre

Studio Surprise | Plaza Fiesta

Do you want to organize a party at your own location? Studio Surprise turns the parking lot, warehouse, state or garden into a cozy festival. They take care of the festival... you determine the ingredients. Bibita Bar and Buon Appetito for drinks and Cabina Photographia, a huge camera, where people can make their pictures.  An unforgettable party plaza on site.                                                                                                       street)theatre

Sven Roelants Circusartiest | Marcel Cyclette

Cyclette fantastique is powered by solar energy and très important: at l'énergie des femmes. With gallantry he seduces beautiful women on his bike. He light the heart and the environment with his flaming pipe. stilts theatre

Tom, Tom & de Bombardon | Tom, Tom & de Bombardon

Armed with their giant tuba containing a small music box, Tom and Tom stroll around. They play their music for sweet couples, tiny families, oldies, beautiful ladies and for whoever has good ears. (street)theatre - animation

Toon Maas | Doble

Toon Maas creates a unique double persona using an ingenious hand puppet. The image is of such stunning simplicity that it leaves you bewildered. A "two-in-one" persona walks among the audience, gestures, talks to and sits next to the audience and itself, improvises and interacts with everything and everyone. In an original, humorous and witty manner, this performance shows how people are constantly struggling to deal with each other and their interdependence. The illusion becomes complete when the puppet disappears into thin air, leaving the clown behind: liberated but uprooted. (street)theatre - animation

TukkersConnexion| Classic Rally Ride

You can hear it from a distance; the boosting voice of a reporter, growling engines, the blast of a starting pistol... Cheering for the leader, encouraging words for the laggard. The audience suddenly becomes part of the pit stop where champagne flows, tires are changed, cars have to be fuelled up and checked for the next heat. Let’s hit the road again! To the bitter end, fully focused till the finish line.                  (street)theatre - animation

Vannix Theater | Butlers Vannix

A comedy duo Butlers on stilts offering their services. Frau Friederike thinks she makes the decisions and Ferdinand is the patron but has not really the best qualifications for that.  Entertainment at a HIGH level... stilts theatre