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2017 Artists from A-Z


Abigail Collins | Fool Britannia

Great Britain has voted to leave the EU. WHY?!!! In a new show Abigail Collins tries to find answers by exploring the eccentricities of the British. From tea time rituals to good sportsmanship. (street) theatre

Alien Voyagers | Aéromaniacs

They are an imposing presence, immaculately silver costumes with the lights on their broad shoulders. They truly give an extra dimension to every occasion.  stilts theatre

Aurelia Steltentheater | Avila

Mysteriously, enchanting and gentle. With music and in the colors of the peacock these figures  move elegantly by through the world of people..  stilts theatre

Ben Zuddhist | Le Funambule Striptease

A street show involving original balance stunts, hilarious comedy and, improvisation. The audience helps Ben Zuddhist, as a superhero, on his trip to a burning finale.  (street) theatre

Berry Knapen… Absurdist | The Comedyshow

A street performance full of absurdities... Flying rabbits, bizarre explosion acts and all kinds of absurd antics... and the Circus has yet to begin... Pleasant crazy... a pleasure to watch!  (street) theatre

Bike Babes | Ike de Bike

Bike Babes are two clumsy superheroes who come to save the world on their ingenious four-meter high flying bicycle. They fly above the heads of the audience and looking for the surroundings for people who need help. (street) theatre - animation

Chonk | Photo-Painting

Come and paint with us! And we will make a picture with you in your own fantasy world! How does your fantasy world look like? Flying icecreams? Houses upside down? Fishes in trees? You're in your own drawing! family theatre

Circus Theater Vladimir | Joris the Dragon

Sometimes this dragon is threatening, sometimes it’s sweet. On cheerful music it skips along, sometimes dreaming and dancing,  than it jumps with a tremendous speed 50 meters ahead.  stilts theatre

Cirque Frappé | The Zambini’s

The Zambini’s create a show full of Live Music, Magic, funny Mentalism and straight forward Comedy. With a subtle touch of understatement both of the Zambini’s shine their professional light on the future and in front of their audience they wonder: “Who of the audience is going to be rich and famous? Who is going to live in a big castle? And which girl is going to marry her Prince Charming?“                                             (street) theatre

Coco XL | Coco XL

music – animation

Compagnie with Balls | Join the Parade

A joyful dance trough the streets by two 4 meter high figures. A giant marionette dances and plays with a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant ball! A musical Parade. (street) theatre - animation

Compagnie with Balls | World Wanderer

With the world at her feet, the World Wanderer is a walking adventure. On top of her almost two meter high globe she’s an evocative image that tickles the fantasy. (street) theatre - animation

Companie-Zed | Zazi

Longing for the long time gone glory, the 100 year old illusionist Zazi does her famous trick in the disappearingbox. But at the moment suprème Zazi is too stiff and muddled to do the trick. (street) theatre

Directie & Co | Multiples

A group of identical men form life size sculptures along their way through the city. Images are built but just as easily broken down. Monumental and physical, images are set in stillness or in movement. A form of street-art that speaks to our imagination. (street) theatre

Doublee | Pinokkio & Gepetto

A dream or reality?! Everybody knows this famous duo from fairy tales. Now you can really meet and talk to them! (street) theatre - animation

Eddie Only | The Great Escape

Eddie is a dreamer and an inventor. Usually, the perfect combination to go far in this world. His dream: Flying! So what could possibly go wrong there... (street) theatre

Fabuloka | Steel

A poetical show in a 5 meter high construction, about 2 different characters who have a dream. Ingredients: partner- & aerial acrobatics, juggling, mime, strange inventions and live music. acrobatics - variety

Fiësta Grill | Fiësta Grill

For the culinary interpretation st-ART festival again has chosen this year for Fiësta Grill. In large Paella pans delicious burgers, kebabs and ham are prepared and  especially for the children “poffertjes” and  spiral potatoes. food truck

Frank Schooleman | Automatic Monkey

Automatic Monkey, a machine that was built around 1924 in Morocco, consists of a large monkey and a small caged monkey. The mechanical engineering and the sound of that time moves this machine through the audience. (street) theatre – animation

Frans Custers | Marthilda Sliert

The weird Marthilda is a fortune teller. Usually the craziest things happen and hilarity prevails. It is mainly an absurd spectacle when the whole tent starts to shake and smoke. (street) theatre

Geeseparade| The Geeseparade

With roll of drums, whistling and cackeling they march through your town: The Geeseparade. This unique, stunning and fairy-like combination of men, music and Toulouser Geese delight young and old! (street) theatre – animation  Hendrik & Co | Comme Chez Moi Comme Chez Moi opens his mobile restaurant. A quick bite but nowhere a table free? With a snap the waiter builds for you the ideal setting for a romantic dinner for two. (street) theatre – animation

Hendrik & Co | Craie de Trottoir

Pure mime and clownerie on the street. His likeable personality is inspiring and with only a few pieces of chalk he knows how to entertain and to surprise his audience… (street) theatre

Het Mobiele Naaiatelier | The Sound of Sewing

Two handy ladies with two beautiful classical Dutch bikes and two antique sewing machines do invite the audience to hand in a piece of clothing and transform this into a piece of art right before their eyes! (street) theatre

Image Entertainment | The Jester and Harlequin

Who does fooling whom? They feel themselves at various events at home. A theatrical mime act. stilts theatre

Kabora Theater & Zang | Mermaid

The singing Mermaid is a magical encounter for all ages. She brings the legend of the lost continent of Atlantis to the surface. With her mystical singing she tells her story. (street) theatre – animation

Krist Doo Straattheater | Cranky Bastard

Living statue in cold stone. He is never happy, always grumpy. Easily irritated or annoyed, he stands alone. Bitter and twisted, he is never satisfied. Not many love him, but his nasty character is really entertaining. living statue

Krist Doo Straattheater | Terra’s Rocks

A love couple of stone with a pram full of pebbles. Proudly they share their little stones with the audience. It shows handwritten compliments such a: “You Rock!” (street) theatre – animation

Luc Vaesen | The Peddler

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe. Peddlers, Street Vendors. Recommending their "goods" - not of the highest standard - with fanciful stories in villages and towns. The Peddler knows how to seduce his audience: With humour, drama and music of all times. Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system. music - animation

Malabarista | Silly Balls Circus

Circus workshop. Children have the time of their lives as circus artist in 10 different disciplines family theatre

Malabarista | Singing in the Rain

Futurism and nostalgia come together in this act. This animation act is hypermobile and moves between the public with the electric unicycle. People are entertained with music and interactions. Moreover, there will be dancing on the unicycle with the water spouting umbrella. (street) theatre - animation

Marc Heijnen Sopacuwa | Carousel

1 Man, 1 Horse, 1 Carousel. This nostalgic attraction is driveable for everybody even if you have wheels yourself. Join the Carousel!                                                                                                        (street) theatre

Marcel Boonen | Steampunk-art on Tour

A blacksmith in the 21st century. The hard and cold metal is no match for this stalwart metal artist. Almost futuristic dressed in leather protective clothing and with his characteristic charisma he conjures up a metal plate into a unique work of art in a spectacular way.                                                                         (street) theatre

Martin Forget | Space-Ci-Men

A group of five robots walk around to get to know human life. They are curious, they are behind you, stand beside you and look at you like you're looking at them. (street) theatre - animation

Martine Dufresne | Funny Hats

Create your own Funny Hat with wrapping paper. Ongoing workshop for anyone wanting something different to wear on his or her head. (street) theatre

Merkel & Vannix | Pêt-à-Porter

Max the Horned ape feels at home in any environment. This unique animal travels from zoo to zoo with his loyal porter Porter. A mobile puppetry streetact with one performer and one puppet(eer). (street) theatre - animation

Noah | Sway Pole (Drunken MastEr)

Noah has drunk more schnaps than is good for him, he decides to light the one lantern that is more tipsy and wobbly on it’s legs than himself. (street) theatre

Pizza Mama Marina| Pizza Mama Marina

A continuous theatrical performance in a real Italian restaurant. What pizza would you like? Pizza depressivo, Pizza d'amore, Pizza hesitate… Take a seat at the small tables and be surprised! (street) theatre

Professor Dombidoo & Ladilaa | TromboTubaToet

The show is full of interaction, jokes, noise and musical delights. Children manning the bicycle pump section with recorders and they make an orchestra with the rhythm, ratchet and wind instruments. family theatre

Shalton Theatre | Crickets

Green, braun, sympathetic and meters high. Looking for delicacies, the crickets find their way. Streets, squares, narrow alleys and extensive festival areas are the domain of the Crickets. Looking for fresh (festival) visitors. Unuspecting goodies in reach. They do not attack but wait.. Crickets is an act on jumping stilts. stilts theatre

Sol’Air Company | Tendence Holiday

Two women, just dropped off an airplane, are looking for their hotel. One finds only an endless piece of red fabric while the other one sprightly does her own private fashion show and simply doesn´t know which dress she should robe... A sparkish little story begins in a quarrel about the most beautiful outfit. With coruscating humour and breathtaking acrobatics! acrobatics – variété

Sonate | Sonate on Land

Two big horns are being propelled by two singing aquanauts.Through the loudspeakers their singing can be heard miles away.These enchanting combinations will make a musical and visual contribution to your event. (street) theatre

Stephworx | Las Madamas Muertas

 These Madamas are floating... back and forth between life and death with sparkling mysterious apparitions... They play, flirt and like to play with you in their macabre dance in the mist. Follow them and see who they are: strange ladies from the dead, risen to become lively among the people.                                                                                  (street) theatre - animation

Steven Luca | François Blanc

François Blanc is an eccentric puppet inspired by French boulevard painters. He speaks in a non-existing french dialect. He touches and excites, he is both sweet and wicked, he is a white jewel. (street) theatre

Studio Surprise | BollyBooth

Always wanted to be a Bollywood star? …Welcome to the TukTuk Studio Surprise. Plenty of fun stuff to dress up. On a large screen onlookers can watch how other models are photographed. The enthusiastic host hands over your photo print in about 10 seconds! (street) theatre

Tom, Tom & the Bombardon | Tom, Tom & the Bombardon

Armed with their giant tuba containing a small music box, Tom and Tom stroll around. They play their music for sweet couples, tiny families, oldies, beautiful ladies and for whoever has good ears. (street) theatre - animation

TukkersConnexion | Hippocampus

No guts, no glory!  Mutiny on the continent. While riding their seahorse two gladiators will clash like they where Neptune, Spartacus or Ben- Hur? These blood brothers are floating  restless oceans. Lances will be pulled and swords will be crossed. In primitive terms they drivel nonsense and surreal one-liners. These last Romans are really lost. Let’s hope they’ll meet the crowd in the middle and be back on speaking terms soon. (street) theatre - animation

TukkersConnexion | Jackpot!

Take a risk and gamble on this one-armed bandit. It has the looks of a slot machine from the roaring twenties but from the inside it is full of human ingenuity. Insert a coin, pull the handle and the machine will start to spin. One by one, three odd characters will pass by. They will decide if your lucky. What will it be? Grapes, lemons, cherries or four leave clovers. Three in a row is JACKPOT! It is permitted to complain about the results. Jackpot is unpredictable but human, too…                                                                              (street) theatre

Vannix Theater | Butlers Vannix

A comedy duo Butlers on stilts offering their services: A table for two?  Entertainment at a HIGH level... stilts theatre

Wolkenruiters | Tails

Two Meerkats escaped from the Zoo, looking for a new clan. Nosy, playful and adorable. (street) theatre - animation