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2018 Artists from A-Z



Alien Voyagers | Dragon Birds

These dragon birds perform a magical act. Developed as an act for children Alien Voyagers uses an astonishing visual language that incites the imagination. The act tells stories without words. It deals with universal themes like origin and freedom in a very subtle manner. The dragon birds have a big egg shaped object that opens. Fairy-like music sounds and the audience is witnesses to a miracle.  stilts theatre

Aurelia Steltentheater | Avila

Mysteriously, enchanting and gentle. With music and in the colors of the peacock this lady move elegantly by through the world of people.  stilts theatre

Ben Zuddhist | Versilli and the Smallest Animal Circus in the World

Versilli Bolokov is the ex-director of the Prekasjny Circus in Transistan. Having been ejected from his homeland for gross absurdity he now wanders the globe trying to convince himself and everyone else that he is still a big shot circus director. Helping him along are the way are various stray (not real!) animals including Dubrovnich the acrobatic dog, Alberty the balancing cow, Brechnev the raccoon and the star of the show, Kevnich the flying donkey.                                                                                                        (street) theatre

Bike Babes | Ike the Bike

Bike Babes are two clumsy superheroes who come to save the world on their ingenious four-meter high flying bicycle. They fly above the heads of the audience and looking for the surroundings for people who need help. (street) theatre - animation

Chonk | The lazy Seesaw & Bubble Blower bike

Two very interactive artistic installations to play with. A seesaw with two lazy chairs and a giant big bubble blower that is powered by muscle power. (street) theatre

Cirque Frappé | The Zambini’s

The Zambini’s create a show full of Live Music, Magic, funny Mentalism and straight forward Comedy. With a subtle touch of understatement both of the Zambini’s shine their professional light on the future and in front of their audience they wonder: “Who of the audience is going to be rich and famous? Who is going to live in a big castle? And which girl is going to marry her Prince Charming?“                                            (street) theatre

Coco XL | Coco XL

music – animation

Compagnie with Balls |  The Great Parade

The Great Parade is a swinging parade. A must-see eye catcher with two big dolman: Pablo and Ferdinand and two dancers on the almost 2 meter high balls. This towering mixture of puppetry and acrobatic dance, brings along its own mobile sound set. Swing guaranteed!  (street) theatre– animation

Directie & Co | Multiples

A group of identical men form life size sculptures along their way through the city. Images are built but just as easily broken down. Monumental and physical, images are set in stillness or in movement. A form of street-art that speaks to our imagination. (street) theatre

Doublee | Pinokkio & Gepetto

A dream or reality?! Everybody knows this famous duo from fairy tales. Now you can really meet and greet them! (street) theatre - animation

Eddie Only | The Great Escape

Eddie is a dreamer and an inventor. Usually, the perfect combination to go far in this world. His dream: Flying! So what could possibly go wrong there... (street) theatre

Frank Schooleman | Mister Fox

Mr. Fox is charming, gallant and he behaves like a gentleman. Watch out for him! (street) theatre – animation

Frans Custers | Miep

Miep is a farmer’s wife from the Limburg village of Siebengewald and  she likes to chat, very much. With a bag overloaded with vegetables, Miep trudges through the crowd. With her voluminous, piercing voice she keeps people informed about her opinion. (street) theatre – animation  

Het Mobiele Naaiatelier | The Sound of Sewing

Two handy ladies with two beautiful classical Dutch bikes and two antique sewing machines do invite the audience to hand in a piece of clothing and transform this into a piece of art right before their eyes! (street) theatre

Het Vermaak | Maartje Kattenstaartje

Maartje goes through life as half girl, half cat because she has not listened to her magical book. Only with good behavior the spell can be undone. And so Maartje moves from city to city to tell her story. Maartje Kattenstaartje is an interactive reading story with the subject of bullying. Maartje tells her story together with her magical book (which can really talk). She talks about her experiences with bullying and about how she got to that cat tail and cat ears (that really move).                                                                    family theatre

Het Vermaak | Mista Beatz

This tough appearance goes cruising in his pimped Mercedes through the streets. He makes many hearts beat faster. And that is good... Because after every ballad the beat is increased again. With Dance evergreens such as Disco Inferno and This is what it feels like, is sit still is not an option!!! With evergreens such as your Song and the Pianoman Mista Beatz proves to have a golden throat!!! A stirring musical, theatrical mobile act with built-in sound equipment                                                                                      music-animation

Image Entertainment | Pierrot and Ballerina

A mime theater act with a large Pierrot doll on stilts, playing a little Ballerina doll on strings. Pierrot knows how to entertain many audiences in various situations with his wordless, elegant humor. stilts theatre

Krist Doo Festivaltheater | Golila

The lilac gorilla. Golila is a very rare and special animal, there is only one lilac-colored gorilla on the whole planet. Golila is a very social, curious and gentle ape. This sweet animal likes to play, although sometimes he is very lazy too. (street) theatre – animation

Krist Doo Festivaltheater | Panda

The journey to the west. Giant Panda Wu Wei, the eastern Goddess Kwan Yin and the cheeky golden-haired monkey Sun Wukong together follow the path of Tao: a Chinese legend comes to life. Panda is a mystical walking-act, full of joy. (street) theatre – animation

Krist Doo Festivaltheater | Stone-Age Rocks!

The stone giants. Two imposing rock formations walk like mighty giants over the festival; the interaction with the audience is playful and friendly. This surreal scene is a unique combination of sculpture and stilt-walking theatre; a perfect walk-act for every festival! stilts theatre

Luc Vaesen | The Peddler

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe. Peddlers, Street Vendors. Recommending their "goods" - not of the highest standard - with fanciful stories in villages and towns. The Peddler knows how to seduce his audience: With humour, drama and music of all times. Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system. music - animation

Malabarista Entertainment | Circus Bike

Through the circus music you can hear the Circus Bike from afar. Many short circus acts are performed at various locations with a lot of jokes and fun. (street) theatre - animation

Malabarista Entertainment | Fire Animations

Walking on stilts or cycling on the unicycle, Marc Muy Dificil ignites torches, fire bowls and spits fire. Breathtaking fire animations, where the tension rises to a flaming climax! Your most fervent wishes will be fulfilled. fire theatre - animation

Marc Heijnen Sopacuwa | Bench Man

There’s room enough for everyone on the Bench. An openhearted encounter with a remarcable clown.                                                                           (street) theatre

Marcel Boonen | Steampunk-art on Tour

A blacksmith in the 21st century. The hard and cold metal is no match for this stalwart metal artist. Almost futuristic dressed in leather protective clothing and with his characteristic charisma he conjures up a metal plate into a unique work of art in a spectacular way.                                                                         (street) theatre

Martin Forget| MEN-ALIEN

For centuries people have asked themselves: are there any life forms on other planets? And if they are there, What do they look like? At last the mystery has been solved. It has been proven: extraterrestrial beings exist! For one of them has landed on Earth: the MEN- ALIEN. It has three heads, four faces and a lot of legs.                                                                         (street) theatre - animation

Martine Dufresne | Funny Hats

Create your own Funny Hat with wrapping paper. Ongoing workshop for anyone wanting something different to wear on his or her head. (street) theatre

Merkel & Vannix | Dragon!

Science knows no boundaries, a know-it-all professor and his nimble assistent bring us the results of their groundbreaking research: a real Dragon! Which they have hatched and nurtured from it’s beginning with the help of a self-constructed incubator. But how do you bring a dragon to spit fire? Be witness of a fire breathing lesson for beginners with great consequences.                                                                             (street) theatre - animation

Merkel & Vannix | Pêt-à-Porter

Max the Horned ape feels at home in any environment. This unique animal travels from zoo to zoo with his loyal porter Porter. A mobile puppetry streetact with one performer and one puppet(eer). (street) theatre - animation

Noah | The Royal Flush

Our modest hero merely wants to relieve himself, but the only toilet he can find is on top of a tall pipe. (street) theatre

Pizza Mama Marina | Pizza Mama Marina

A continuous theatrical performance in a real Italian restaurant. What pizza would you like? Pizza depressivo, Pizza d'amore, Pizza hesitate… Take a seat at the small tables and be surprised! (street) theatre

Relacts! | TokTukTuk

An interactive theater act from a small (non)food truck in which a proud cock and a stubborn chicken have everything under control. family theatre

Rufino | Gran Teatro Dentro

Fausto prefers to open his belly rather than his mouth: he spread his belly wide open and reveal there's a theatre inside! The show is offspring of curiosities, attractions, comical and poetic actions: the Inside Theatre. (street) theatre - animation

Ruut van Hooft | Jannes the Greengrocer

Jannes is always a familiar appearance on the market. Adorned with alpino cap and his inseparable thick cigar he gives a cheerful touch to his fruit and vegetable harvest. (street)theatre

Shalton Theatre | Super Hero Comic Parade

Do you still know the real superheroes? The modern heroes of yesteryear? The unsuspected comic talents of Batman and Robin, Superman and Catwoman reveal themselves as the four musketeers of the Shalton Theatre. They spread their wings with a wingspan of 6 meters across the audience. A walk act, with lots of zoofs, bangs, splashes  and kadengs.                                                                                                                  stilts theatre

Sol’Air Company | Tendence Holiday

Two girlfriends go on holiday together. A hotel with the best references has been booked. A mountain hotel. Without a lift, but very worthwhile. After arrival quickly they quickly unpack the suitcases and then the holiday can really start. That's the plan! Unfortunately things go different than they thought... acrobatics – variety

Sonate | Sonate on Land

Two big horns are driven by two singing aquanauts.  Through the loudspeakers their singing can be heard. These enchanting combinations will make a musical and visual contribution to your event. (street) theatre

Stephworx | Royal Shine!

These Royal Ladies are crazy about parties! They like to shine with each other and with the audience. Parading they invite you for a light-hearted chat and perhaps for a dance at a high level. An entertaining show at 1 / 1,5 meter stilts. This verbal act can be played solo, duo, trio or as a quartet. stilts theatre

Studio Surprise | Peperbus Fotozuil

Ideally suited to easily adjust per event. Posters and information can be placed on the column. The column can be labeled as desired. That the column also makes ready-made photos is of course great. Multifunctional: informative & fun. (street) theatre

Sven Roelants Circusartiest | Marcel Cyclette

Cyclette fantastique is powered by solar energy and très important: at l'énergie des femmes. With gallantry he seduces beautiful women on his bike. He light the heart and the environment with his flaming pipe. stilts theatre

Théâtre de la Toupine | Bestiaire Alpin

Parents on the seesaw ensure that the carousel starts to turn. The carousel consists of a wolf, a marmot, an ibex, a fox, a yeti, a golden eagle and an elephant!!! All made of driftwood. family theatre

TukkersConnexion | F.I.S.H.

Half fish, half machine ridden by three historical characters seeking to thrill and impress. Inspired by the creative genius of Jules Verne crossed with a dose of Victorian elegance, sailors of the seven seas and street theatre. (street) theatre - animation

TukkersConnexion | Go on Parade

Go installs herself at her post. She will conduct routine and special inspections. As Control is her middle name. Is everyone ready for this ceremonial protocol with an appealing blink.  (street) theatre - animation