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2020 Artists from A-Z



Ahuma | Banan’O’Rama

Interactive comedy show. Ahuma is a unique character that uses physical comedy and circus skills to bring everyone together, regardless of their cultural background and religion.  (street) theatre

Ale Risorio | Aviverdei

Imagine an surprise anniversary party! Imagine that the birthday girl doesn't show up! Is it still possible to celebrate? Aviverdei: a subtil piece of clowning, poetry, encounters and disagreements!  (street) theatre

Bakkie Bike Cinema | Bakkie Bike Cinema

Bakkie Bike Cinema is a cinema housed in a vintage cargo bike from the 30’s. This filmhouse is being served by two feisty usherettes, who entertain the audience in front of the cinema and bring the guests to their seats. It’s not just a movie, it’s entertainment from the queue to The End!  (street) theatre Bike Babes | Sukkel Safari These clumsy but resourceful adventurers are completely lost! With their Glamping-Arola Superdeluxe XXL they try to survive this wild ride. And of course to shoot one, unforgettable safari photo…  (street) theatre - animation

Borgman & van der Have | Napoleon and Joséphine

She’s calm. He drives her crazy. Will Napoleon stand tall, or will he whine and weep ‘till the world is his?  stilts theatre

Chonk | Chalk!

Children go back to the time of the black/white-television. They are invited to draw with chalk on a antique black interior and to change it in to a colorful living room. You can draw on everything even the attendants! family theatre

Circus Theater Valdimir | Fish

Accompanied by employees of Seacleaning Neptune Corp., this 5.5 meter long fish stately swims above the heads of the audience. He regularly needs to burp and then plastic balls escape from his mouth, due to the plastic soup in which he lives. (street) theatre - animation

Cirque Frappé | Pandora

A beautiful show that reminds us of the time of the nostalgic, traveling circus in the early 20th century. It brings the hopes and dreams of the traveling circus artists in this most colorful circus period in history back. (street) theatre

Compagnie with Balls | World Wanderer

With the world at her feet, the World Wanderer is a walking adventure. On top of her almost two meter high globe she’s an evocative image that tickles the fantasy. (street) theatre - animation

De Roode Lantaern | The Red Lantern

The old-fashioned minstrel is back. He scours the streets and brings music and fun for young and old. A nostalgic appearance with a surprisingly modern sound! music - animation

Doublee Animatie & Theater | Klara 3, Bertus 5 and Miloe the Cow

A typical Dutch trio! Memorable, colourful and touching as they are! But also educative, it is a real experience! (street) theatre – animation

Fabuloka | The Massage Chair | Made by Ed

The Massage Chair is an interactive installation, by which you can massage your own back by means of a treadle mechanism. By treading you will move the concrete drills and meditative sounds arise. This construction is partly made of recycled bicycle components and skeeler wheels. The seat is lined with mail bags. (street) theatre

Familie Vestdijk | Family Vestdijk

A bourgeois family from the fifties: two stilt walking stiff parents, a crying baby in an oversized pram and a small boy, six year old Bartje, who makes life pretty difficult for his parents. All in all, the family Vestdijk is a lovely picture to look at, listen to and enjoy. Street theatre at it’s best! stilts theatre

Frank Schooleman| Tattoo Papa

A macho motor gang member covered in tattoos, not exactly an angel, who doesn’t give a damn about any enforced rules or regulations, turns out to be a loving father for his very young kids. This very contemporary sketch shows a beautiful contrast where pure human love comes out on top which results in a smile on the face of the audience. (street) theatre – animation

Frans Custers | Schmörl Bratz

The eccentric Schmörl Bratz is always on his way with a heavy bag full of science on his back. He comes from nowhere, does not stays long and then goes back to nowhere. (street) theatre – animation

Ganzenfanfare | David, Lisa and their waddling gabbling geese

These bubbly, jolly and a little bit chubby dwarfs are the cutest around town. It looks like they walked straight out of a fairytale. Together with their friendly, chattering geese they form a gleeful, happy parade that will turn your frown upside down. (street) theatre – animation

Hendrik & Co | Checkpoint Henry

A performance based on humor and current affairs. In times of migration and increasing control, Checkpoint Henry is being created: the world's smallest customs post. An quirky control freak is stationed at the festival with its customs post (which is as big as a caravan). Henry points the visitors to the conditions of their stay and eventually they are allowed through the barrier with a big smile and a valid, tailor-made visa.  (street) theatre

Het Mobiele Naaiatelier | The Flag of the Day

The seamstresses of The Mobile Sewing Company design, together with the audience, The Flag of the day. Everyone can think along and fantasize. This way, personal stories are converted into an image. Everything is possible! The flags will be sewed on unique sewing bikes and at the end of the day, they will be theatrically hoisted with an appropriate poem and music.                                                                                (street) theatre Het Vermaak | Maartje Kattenstaartje Dutch spoken.  family theater

Het Vermaak | Mista Beatz

This tough guy goes through the streets in his pimped Mercedes. With well-known Dance music and evergreens, sitting still is not an option! A stirring musical, theatrical mobile act with built-in sound reinforcement. music  - animation  

Image Entertainment | Convoy of Elves

At dawn, the elves awake from their slumber. They rinse with crystal water, wrap themselves in bright garments and call their unicorn. The journey continues! Many join along the way. Lo and behold: a Convoy of Elves! (street) theatre – animation

Krist Doo Festivaltheater | Cavebear

The Time-traveling Cavemen. Urki the caveman and his cavewoman Oenga made a travel through time with their friend the cavebear. From the prehistory this primitive couple entered into the world of modern men. A wonderful adventure full of funny situations.       (street) theatre – animation

Krist Doo Living Statues | Orang-Oetan

This is a living statue of an Orangutan; an impressive appearance. It is a bit exciting to get close, but it has a friendly character. Maybe he just wants to flea you. living statue

Leipe Leo Entertainment | Sjef van Puffelen, Police Officer

After a disagreement with the regular Police Force, Sjef became a fully-fledged Independent Police Officer. That was back when the citizens wanted more blue on the streets and the Police Force decided to change their shirts from blue to white. No more!  (street) theatre – animation

Luc Vaesen | The Peddler

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe. Peddlers, Street Vendors. Recommending their "goods" - not of the highest standard - with fanciful stories in villages and towns. The Peddler knows how to seduce his audience: With humour, drama and music of all times. Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system. music - animation

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes | Burek - The Dog Marionette

This marionette is breaking most of the rules of standard marionettes, he is very dynamic puppet and before you will find what he needs, he will be already in another place playing with a real dog or with kids. (street) theatre - animation

Malabarista Entertainment | Fire Cart

A fiery show with all kinds of attributes on the Fire Cart. Juggling fire, fire diabolo, fire signs, fire rola bola, knives, fiery fire extinguisher and matching music. In short ... lots of fire! (street) theatre

Marc Heijnen Sopacuwa | Seats Man

A street theatre performance where the audience is invited to take a seat on the seats. A unique experience for both the spectator and the participant: member of a choir, a roller coaster ride or witnessing a wedding. Curious where the seats are this time?                                                                           (street) theatre

Marius Broeders | The Musical Blacksmith

Theatre, Music and Craftmanship. The combination of his love for tinkering and his musical brain makes him come up with all-new-crazy-self-made instruments. Have you ever heard of the Bucket-Bass? The One-stringed Diddly Bo?  The spinning Leslie- Trombone?  He will hammer them together with his sizeable hands, right before your eyes, and he plays them too!                                                                                    (street) theatre

Martin Forget | Resto La Table

The clumsy waiter Martin works at Resto La Table. Like every morning he goes to work. Martin sweeps the floor, washes the last dirty glasses left over from the day before and starts setting the table. But today Martin has a problem: the table protests!                                                                           (street) theatre

Melige Melis | Melige Melis

Dennis is the lightest dragon of Europe! Made from more than 500 balloons, Dennis stomps around streets and squares looking for an audience, because despite his appearance Dennis likes to have a party in due time. You can see and hear Dennis coming from far away, with his height of 3 meter and smoke effects. When Dennis the Dragon is brought to life, there is plenty of interaction with the audience.                              (street) theatre - animation

Merkel & Vannix | Jøttnjøl

Two distinct creatures on their way, with enormous baskets filled with gathered adventures. They will never finish collecting; after all, everything is of value. Street theatre with a poetic disposition. Unique and endearing. (street) theatre - animation

Noah | Sway Pole (Drunken MastEr)

Noah has drunk more schnaps than is good for him, he decides to light the one lantern that is more tipsy and wobbly on it’s legs than himself. (street) theatre

Ruut van Hooft | Farmer Bert with Stien on step

Suddenly you are in the middle of the city or anywhere else face to face with a cow with a farmer on top of it. A cow with horns and without labels! That is special. Cow Stien lamented one day: I want to go out. That's good, said Boer Bert, but I'm not going to walk next to you! And so it happened. A funny street animation action with a lot of mooing and a barely understandable farmer.                                                        (street) theatre - animation

Shalton Theatre | Crickets

Green, brown, sympathetic and meters high. In search of delicacies they find their way. Streets, squares, narrow alleys and vast festival grounds are the domain of these crickets. stilts theatre

Sol’Air Company | Moondance

An air dance on, under and in a light metal sphere, rounded off with a dynamic design in the tissue. An air spectacle high above the heads of the audience. acrobatics - variety

Stephworx | Royal Shine!

These Royal Ladies are crazy about parties! They like to shine with each other and with the audience. Parading they invite you for a light-hearted chat and perhaps for a dance at a high level. An entertaining show at 1 / 1,5 meter stilts. This verbal act can be played solo, duo, trio or as a quartet. stilts theatre

Studio Surprise | Surprise Box

A music and picture box ideal for presentation, pub quiz, Karaoke, Sing Along and as a DJ or VJ booth. All kinds of themes are possible. What about the Song Contest / European Football Championship / Olympic Games… The Surprise Box can completely coordinate design and interpretation to your theme. (street) theatre

Sven Roelants | Agent No. 16

It seems like this non-verbal character drove straight out of a silent film. Agent No. 16 moves on a playful scooter from the good old days, which is equipped with all the bells and whistles. A witty act where clowning and circus techniques are intertwined. stilts theatre

TukkersConnexion | Last Minute

5, 6, 7 ... The clock is ticking. The surprising figures of Last Minute want to live the life to the fullest. But for them it is also hard to manage the time. They are wasting time, distracted, lose their attention, a suitcase is forgotten and then again there are all kinds of obstacles are on their path. There is no way to reset the time. This multi-coloured ensemble will make you laugh about all those moments in daily life that will get you out of rhythm as well. The characters in this walk act will speed up and rush through the audience.                                                                                                (street) theatre – animation

Vannix Theater | DonQzot

DonQzot de la Mancha in search of his dreamed and beloved Dulcinea. For her he attacks windmills. His servant tries to keep his masters delusions in check, but alas in vain! (street) theatre - animation