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Alien Voyagers | Cyclotron

A fascinating, interactive and entertaining act with light, laser and sound. On their spring stilts the actors are incredibly fast and able to jump more than one meter high.  stilts theatre Arno Huibers Theaterproducties | The Traveling Clown-caravan The traditional, restored circus-caravan ensures the perfect setting in which Arno Huibers presents his theatre program Clown Gift. With the additional entourage, such as the ring- carpet, show fences, benches and possibly light, you are offered a romantic and colourful eye-catcher. The clownery with which Arno Huibers presents himself is touching through his subtle humour.                                                                                                      family theatre

Borgman & van der Have | Napoleon and Joséphine

She’s calm. He drives her crazy. Will Napoleon stand tall, or will he whine and weep ‘till the world is his?  stilts theatre

Chonk | The King of the Playground

A seesaw with two lazy chairs, a gigantic big bubble blower bike, a rotating couch. You can actively participate or only watch. A playground for people, suitable for all ages. (street) theatre

Circus Theater Vladimir | Fish

Accompanied by Neptune, this 5½ meters long  fish swims above the heads of the audience. Plastic comes from his mouth regularly. This is due to the plastic soup in which he lives. Bystanders can return balls to Neptunus, who ensures efficient recycling. (street) theatre

Cirque Frappé | The Zambini’s

It is exactly 100 years since The Great Zambini disappeared into the great magic box… Today is the day: The mysterious suitcase opens after 100 years. And that is the start is of a comical magic show with a very surprising finale! (street) theatre

Coco XL | Coco XL

On the back of a huge rooster, a cheerful gentleman sings familiar sing-along songs and plays accordion enthusiastically. In short, a celebration to watch and listen. music – animation

Compagnie with Balls | Join the Parade

A joyful dance trough the streets by two 4 meter high figures. The giant marionette Ferdinand dances and plays with a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant ball!! A musical Parade. (street) theatre – animation

Doublee Animatie & Theater | WiFi the XXL smart dog

Mr. and Mrs. Hound bought WiFi as a small sweet puppy. But WiFi grew and grew and became XXL. So looking for WiFi during an event, on the street, the market, in a store or wherever? Do not hesitate, WiFi will find you!!! (street) theatre – animation

Fabuloka |  Contra

Contra is alienating circus with acrobatics, dance, theater and music. A game between man and shadow. acrobatics - variety

Frank Schooleman | Moving Home

An endearing old snail is on his way home, for almost his entire life. Slowly, step by step, he moves around streets and farmlands. But why hasn’t anybody told him, that he has been carrying around his own house this whole time. (street) theatre – animation

Frans Custers | Schmörl Bratz

The eccentric Schmörl Bratz is always on his way with a heavy bag full of science on his back. He comes from nowhere, does not stays long and then goes back to nowhere. (street) theatre – animation

Gabor Vosteen | Tuuuti Fluti

Due to his unique show, in which he is combining virtuoso recorder music with visual comedy he is often simply called the Fluteman. (street) theatre

The Geeseparade | The Geeseparade

With roll of drums, whistling and cackeling they march through your town: The Geeseparade. This unique, stunning and fairy-like combination of men, music and Toulouser Geese delight young and old! (street) theatre – animation

Hendrik & Co | Checkpoint Henry

A performance based on humor and current affairs. In times of migration and increasing control, Checkpoint Henry is being created: the world's smallest customs post. An quirky control freak is stationed at the festival with its customs post (which is as big as a caravan). Henry points the visitors to the conditions of their stay and eventually they are allowed through the barrier with a big smile and a valid, tailor-made visa.                                                                                                         (street) theatre

Het Mobiele Naaiatelier | The Sound of Sewing

Two handy ladies with two beautiful classical Dutch bikes and two antique sewing machines do invite the audience to hand in a piece of clothing and transform this into a piece of art right before their eyes! (street) theatre  

Het Vermaak | The Paintball Studio

At The Paintball Studio it is always a sensation to create art!!!  Not with a pallet and brush, but with paintball guns! A house, a ball, a plane or perhaps something more seasonal? It doesn’t matter what you choose. family theater

Image Entertainment | The Jester and Harlequin

Who does fooling whom? They feel themselves at various events at home. A theatrical mime act.  stilts theatre

Krist Doo Festivaltheater | Golila

The lilac gorilla. Golila is a very rare and special animal, there is only one lilac-colored gorilla on the whole planet. Golila is a very social, curious and gentle ape. This sweet animal likes to play, although sometimes he is very lazy too. (street) theatre – animation

Luc Vaesen | The Peddler

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe. Peddlers, Street Vendors. Recommending their "goods" - not of the highest standard - with fanciful stories in villages and towns. The Peddler knows how to seduce his audience: With humour, drama and music of all times. Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system. music - animation

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes | Burek - The Dog Marionette

This marionette is breaking most of the rules of standard marionettes, he is very dynamic puppet and before you will find what he needs, he will be already in another place playing with a real dog or with kids. (street)theatre - animation

Malabarista Entertainment | Sopa de Fuego

Plates and torches flying through the air while the cook prepares his fiery dishes on his menu. fire theatre

Martin Forget | MEN-ALIEN

All day long it noses around and touches everything and everyone, since it is curious about you! Is that okay? Isn’t it dangerous? Come and find out for yourself… the MEN- ALIEN! (street)theatre - animation

Martine Dufresne | Funny Hats

Create your own Funny Hat with wrapping paper. Ongoing workshop for anyone wanting something different to wear on his or her head. (street) theatre

Matthias Trautmann | Jochen the Elephant

The elephant is a mimic figure on a bicycle which will steal the hearts of every child. 1.10 meters high and he moves all by himself. In short: time for further acquaintance with our friend Jochen the Elephant! (street) theatre - animation

MaTTo straattheater | ICE HOLE!

From their old familiar jetty they try to catch whatever comes along, waiting for that one big catch… Who is ultimately better off?! The Eskimos or the public? (street) theatre

Merkel & Vannix | Jubilee 10 years Jøttnjøl

Two distinct creatures on their way, with enormous baskets filled with gathered adventures. They will never finish collecting; after all, everything is of value. Street theatre with a poetic disposition. Unique and endearing. (street)theatre - animation

Noah | Sway Pole (Drunken MastEr)

Noah has drunk more schnaps than is good for him and gets himself into a delightful mess of trouble. He decides to light the one lantern that is more tipsy and wobbly on its legs than he is. (street) theatre

Relacts! | TokTukTuk

An interactive theater act from a small (non)food truck in which a proud cock and a stubborn chicken have everything under control.  family theatre

Ruut van Hooft | Farmer Bert with Stien on step

Suddenly you are in the middle of the city or anywhere else face to face with a cow with a farmer on top of it. A cow with horns and without labels! That is special. Cow Stien lamented one day: I want to go out. That's good, said Boer Bert, but I'm not going to walk next to you! And so it happened. A funny street animation action with a lot of mooing and a barely understandable farmer.                                                        (street) theatre - animation

Shalton Theatre | Buddha’s with Bike

Challenging. Tempting. Bold. Beautiful, huge, bald Buddha bears come to life and play with the audience and... each other. A very colorful and dramatic walk act. In this show dance and movement are elevated to Art. Especially suitable for festivals and trendy locations.  stilts theatre

Sonate | Sonate on Land

Two big horns are driven by two singing cyclists. These eye-catching combinations provide a musical and visual setting for your event. (street) theatre

Sol’Air Company |  The Flying Suitcase

It is a nice summer day. An elegant woman in red and an old-fashioned suitcase, also in red, meet for the first time. And as incredible as it may sound, it evolves between them a game, inspired by dance and acrobatics. The Flying Suitcase is rich in visual and artistical impressions. A short but thrilling story about love, power and friendship. acrobatics - variety  

SteamDream | SteamDream

Two pioneers from the Victorian period ended up in the present with their anachronistic vehicle. They are on their way to the Burning Gates Of Anubis. The fire will regularly reach the sky, hoping to make the Gates visible.  fire theatre - animation  

Stephworx | Fruitylicious

These frivolous ladies like to show off their sunny side. With their fresh and fruity presence, you are assured of anexciting fun and cozy atmosphere.  stilts theatre

Studio Surprise | Camera Nostalgica

This enormous nostalgic photo booth is already a surprising act in itself. A camera where you sit in and the photo is taken when you squeeze into a flash ball. Everyone can enjoy what happens indoors on a screen. The photograph is handed over by the stylishly dressed photographer after 10 seconds. (street) theatre

Sven Roelants | Tall Gus

With his large feet and dancing legs, Gus merrily rolls by on his giant kick scooter. A sudden joy-filled stop packed with juggling and improvising to entertain both young and old. Then a loud squeeze on his horn, the wheels return to motion and off he goes again! But who is this tall funny red-nosed clown? It's tall Gus!  stilts theatre

TukkersConnexion | Pull that String

The striking fairground operators: Antje, Meindert and Kees inherited the nostalgic fairground attraction from their beloved aunt Beth. Come on, step into the alienating world of aunt Beth. Choose a rope and pull. What prize do you win? A super prize or knick-knacks? One thing is for sure, the price will always be unique. (street) theatre

Vannix Theater | DonQzot

DonQzot de la Mancha in search of his dreamed and beloved Dulcinea. For her he attacks windmills. His servant tries to keep his masters delusions in check, but alas in vain! (street)theatre - animation

Vannix Theater | Liesl

Hurray! Here comes Liesl! She is so cheerful! No party without this Bavarian woman. In her own charming way Liesl makes everything a party!  stilts theatre